I love The Yoga Connection!Nancy Wyatt

My class emphasizes the wellness of internal organs and the movement of chi to heal the whole body, as well as stretching muscles, ligaments, and fascia. It is a pure form of yoga, in which we hold the poses long enough to be truly beneficial to body, mind, and spirit. I am 69 years old and profiting greatly from the health benefits of these fun classes, which are affordable and available in a flexible schedule, so no money is wasted.

The Yoga Connection in Old Town Manassas is awesome!Hope

They offer classes for people of all ages, health issues, and levels of experience. Marsha and all of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping each student.

When my doctor recommended The Yoga Connection, she explained the importance of selecting a studio that offers a variety of Yoga levels and instructors who understand how the body works and what each student can tolerate. Taking the wrong class could actually do more harm than good. The Yoga Connection has been perfect for me. I feel much stronger and am pain free most days!

If you are reading this, and thinking about signing up, just do it! You will be so glad you did!

The support and encouragement I have received at TYC has been wonderful.Helen Graham

In October, 2009 at the age of 54, I received a series of medical reports, all of which were bad. Following several years of increasing stiffness, loss of mobility, and other assorted problems it was confirmed that I had Lupus, and that it was causing problems. Furthermore testing had revealed I had osteopenia, and knowing that I had already had a few bad falls due in part to very stiff and painful joints that did not allow me to move freely, I looked into a future that seemed very grim. The thought of more falls and broken bones was not appealing, and the fear of hip fractures and nursing homes loomed large. Very basic things like using the stairs were causing difficulty– I had to take them one at a time and use the railing! My sleep was fragmented because of pain deep inside my hip bone. I needed badly to increase my mobility, improve my balance, and increase my bone density.

After doing my research, I decided to sign up for the Yin Yoga class as being the best suited for my particular set of problems. After taking the class and also starting a very modest home practice, pain levels decreased dramatically, and my flexibility increased. The hip openers you suggested made it possible for me to once again sleep on my side. Walking and using the stairs was once again comfortable and easy. A follow up bone scan two years later showed some good changes, too! The classes really accomplished everything on my wish list, and although I still don’t resemble the pictures in The Yoga Journal, positive changes are happening. Even when I cannot get into a full pose, the act of trying brings positive results. It can be hard to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and the guidance I have received at this studio has kept me on track!

Even my doctor was amazed. Liz Armstrong Hall

I signed up for the “Gentle Stretch” and “Yin Yoga” classes to strengthen my bones and improve my flexibility. After a year of weekly classes, not only am I moving more fluidly, but my bone density has significantly improved.

I came to The Yoga Connection to get a better understanding of yoga and immediately felt that this was where I belonged.Toni Lewis

Yoga has helped me with stress and dealing with the difficulties of life and also improved my lower back issues. As my practice developed over the years, yoga became a bigger part of my life and then led to teacher training. I have come full circle, starting at The Yoga Connection as a beginner many years ago and now teaching there!

As a student of The Yoga Connection, I love both the physical and mental atmosphere.Dawn

I appreciate that the studio is in a historic area and symbolizes an American woman owned small business success story. No matter what kind of day I’ve had – all the instructors know how to make that disappear and bring me into the moment. The instructors are always open to questions and feedback. The facilities are appropriate – not foo-foo or pretentious and everyone seems to always leave with a smile and peace on their face.

I have to credit The Yoga Connection…Larry T.

I began taking yoga in the Summer of 2006 on the recommendations of my doctor, as a means to address chronic lower back pain, and from my son, a certified massage therapist. I chose The Yoga Connection as it advertised gentle, restorative classes for persons with physical ailments. After my first class, during which I learned the position of “legs up the wall”, I felt my back tension immediately unwind. I have not had a bout with back pain since.

I have to credit The Yoga Connection, with its emphasis on technical instruction that breaks down the poses into finite parts, and how the instructors explain the benefits of properly holding the poses, with improving my overall physical and mental condition, as well as relieving all of my back pain.

The Yoga Connection helps me to continue my commitment to my mind, body and soul.Jan Alten

My participation in yoga has been the most beneficial ‘exercise’ I have ever done. First of all, I have stayed with it year after year! I am now in my tenth year of my practice. During that time, I have had a total hip replacement due to osteoarthritis. My amazing and rapid recovery from the surgery has been attributed to the continuing yoga stretches I do regularly several times a week. In yoga, one learns to be in tune with your body and focus your attention on the correct position for the pose and to focus on breathing correctly. A bonus benefit is the calming that breathing correctly brings.

Five years ago, I went on a Yoga Retreat for women over 40. We practiced yoga for five hours daily. The retreat remains one of the BEST gifts to me – given by me for me.

…I knew I had found the studio for me. Yeganeh Moore

My yoga journey started in my teenage years with a great teacher and mentor who taught Iyangar yoga out of her house. I moved to the United States and once life settled again, I started looking for a yoga studio that would fit all my stringent criteria.

After an exhaustive search, I came across The Yoga Connection. I walked into a very quaint studio and after a short conversation with the director, Marsha, I knew I had found the studio for me. They teach alignment based yoga, similar to what I had been doing my whole life. It is a cozy place that felt like home and I soon found the yoga family I was looking for. Over the next few years I took classes and with Marsha’s support and encouragement, I even completed yoga teacher training. In 2012, I taught my first yoga class as a registered yoga teacher at TYC, which has been a dream of mine since the first yoga class I took at age 18.

I started going to TYC two years ago and I am now completely hooked!Adri Lourens

I started going to TYC two years ago and I am now completely hooked! Even though I generally only manage to attend once a week, I can feel the strength and flexibility of my body has changed for the better. The class structure offers a great combination of warming-up and cooling-down, but mainly when we are doing the yoga exercise it really does feel like real exercise! I’m only saying this because most non-yoga goers, including myself before I started yoga, don’t realize this could be such an all around exercise routine. TYC spells out professionalism plus a warm and friendly atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door; from when you sign up for your class right to time you leave. I’m glad that my first experience in joining a yoga studio is so positive and that I can say with certainty yoga will always be part of my life.

The instructors are professional and well trained. Elise Cosby

Nine years ago I was a reluctant tag along when attending my first yoga class at The Yoga Connection but after a few return visits I was hooked. I used to be a dancer and as I got older I started to lose my flexibility. Practicing yoga has helped me regain my flexibility. The ambiance in the studio is calm and they have a lot of classes to choose from. Just love this studio!

Yoga will be an important part of my life for the rest of my life!Jennifer Z.

I first started taking classes at TYC in 2005 during a particularly difficult period of time in my life. I turned to yoga to reduce stress and try to gain some calmness in my life, if only for 1-1/2 hr each week! After a while I noticed that I also was experiencing changes in my body – I was a bit more flexible and getting stronger. I changed some of my bad eating patterns. Within 5 years I have lost a considerable amount of weight and continue to see improvements in my strength and flexibility. At the encouragement of Marsha, I took the RYT200 Teacher Training Program. I’ve been teaching yoga now for 3 years.

Coming to TYC opened my world in unexpected ways.Christina Nienaber Shotwell

Not only did I pursue a healthier way of life but I became more attuned to listening to my body and mind (intuition). This has benefited me tremendously. I am thankful for TYC. I have received my yoga certification and am proud to be one of TYC instructors.

I am very proud to be a part of The Yoga Conncection “family.”Sheryl Bass

I have been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and I feel very fortunate to have discovered TYC in 2005. It’s now my home studio, and not only do I continue to take classes, but I also teach classes as a newly graduated RYT!

I am happy to have found my home at The Yoga Connection. Lori Zeiswitz

My first visit to The Yoga Connection was in the fall of 2011, shortly after moving to Northern Virginia. I knew that there was something unique about the studio from the moment I climbed the stairs to the quaint reception area and was greeted by a kind person at the desk. The studio had a warm, quiet and serene atmosphere. There was a sense of harmony and intimacy in the place unlike any yoga experience I’d had at the health club and gym.

In the calm studio classroom, the instructor welcomed me and inquired about my physical health, noting my history of ‘problem areas.’ I was impressed that the instructor was not only knowledgeable and demonstrative in class, it was evident that she knew her students. She was attentive to our postures and mindful of our injuries — even remembering mine and suggesting I alter a pose to accommodate those issues. After class, I noticed an easy rapport between students and with the instructor. More than one person said, “I hope you’ll come to class again!”

And I did, enrolling in classes each session and participating in workshops.

My subsequent experiences at The Yoga Connection have only confirmed my first impressions. The instructors “know their yoga” and promote its incorporation in students’ lives outside the studio. As I develop a regular yoga practice, I am gaining physical strength and flexibility. I am applying breathing and relaxation practices in my ‘real life’ and finding serenity. I find that I am eager to get to my classes, not only for yoga practice, but for the peace I experience at the studio.

What I have received though Yoga:

Awareness to my posture, flexibility, & balance – I’ve been shown ways to improve all three.

Quieting my mind & relaxing my body by paying attention to and changing my breathing pattern.Laura V.

The classes and teachers have all been terrific. Chris Umberger

I had never done a minute of yoga before signing up for a class at the TYC. Ely was my first teacher and she was so welcoming, encouraging and made learning the poses easy. I never was made to feel uncomfortable. Since that first class several years ago I have attended many other classes and workshops at the studio. The classes and teachers have all been terrific.

Marsha is also wonderful. She always makes you feel glad you made it to the studio and does what she can to make your experience there the best it can be.

The newly redecorated reception area is lovely, calm and welcoming. I have recommended the TYC to several friends and will continue to do so.

…yoga helped me in more ways than simply stretching.Virginia Rose

With my hyper mobility and an uncomfortable habit of “clicking” my shoulder blades, I was glad to find yoga helped me in more ways than simply stretching. With the help of attentive and experienced teachers, I have gained better alignment, core strength, and good posture – all of which have helped me reduce my “clicking” habit, even during the longest classes at school where it used to irritate me the most.

Another unexpected benefit I have experienced from the various poses and deep breathing is awareness to my own body and mind. This awareness has translated into a deeper sense of gratitude towards myself, life, and those around me.

I really loved the prenatal yoga class, and I think my body was better prepared for labor and delivery because of it.Lauren H.

Throughout the intense parts of labor, I was definitely using breathing techniques that we practiced in my prenatal class. I also kept in mind something Kat said in class, which is that you can hold any pose for two breaths. I think it was more like four breaths to get through the contractions, but thinking of them with a set number of breaths really helped.

I’m looking forward to coming back to practice once I get past my 6 week healing period. Thanks again to Kat for a wonderful prenatal yoga experience!

No one believes that I had a c-section because apparently I am getting around very well; I credit my yoga regimen to if not preparing me for the rigors of labor, getting my body in good condition to facilitate my recovery from major surgery.

Best of luck to the rest of the ladies, I hope they have fast and easy labors resulting in beautiful babies. And thank you Kat for your guidance in the challenging and rewarding practice of yoga.Mariana V.


The Yoga Connection has helped me to deepen my yoga practice in every way.Lisa Leigh

The Yoga Connection has helped me to deepen my yoga practice in every way. Their highly trained instructors understand that no two bodies are the same, which has allowed me to learn how to do poses in the way that will create the most benefit for my individual body type. TYC classes have also helped me to appreciate the importance of the breath—on and off the mat—in a way that I never understood it before. I credit TYC instructors with giving me the knowledge and confidence I needed to build a solid home practice—something I had wanted to do for a long time. I always leave the studio knowing that I have gained something that will create positive benefits in every area of my life.

For me, yoga classes at TYC represent a pivotal moment in my life’s journey.Shernita Parker

I started practicing yoga in 2003 at TYC and very quickly got relief from back pain caused by scoliosis and made worse by pregnancy. As my practice progressed, I realized that the physical benefits, while important, were outweighed by the positive impact yoga was having on my life as a whole. Marsha and the teachers created a supportive and encouraging environment that eventually led me to teacher training and, later welcomed me as a teacher at the studio.

The best part about yoga at The Yoga Connection is how I feel at the end of class – energized, relaxed, ready to face the stress of my everyday life. Martha Jones

I started coming to yoga classes at The Yoga Connection a year and a half ago. I have never enjoyed any type of athletic activity, and was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to “do” yoga. The very first class I walked into, Marsha talked us through each pose inch-by-inch. I could DO it! What a difference yoga has made. I had begun losing muscle strength, particularly in my arms. Now I am strong enough to hold onto the 60-pound rescued lab mix that we got 6 months into my yoga classes. I can sling cases of water around when we are preparing for hurricanes. I am much more flexible and an improving my balance, too. After putting on a little more weight every year for the past 10 years, I finally put an end to the creeping scale and even turned it around.

Yoga has been invaluable in the creation of a serene and happy retirement life for me. Janet Wheatcraft

I have been a regular in Marsha’s yoga class for 7+ years and can attest to multiple benefits! Balance and flexibility are much improved, and I attribute my ability to control blood pressure to breathing practices I have learned in yoga. I know that I will continue classes as I age in order to reap the benefits I have enjoyed.

The Yoga Connection is a serene studio and my first experience with yoga. I always come away from class with a sense of well-being, calm and comfort. Another plus is that my body is more flexible in just a few short months. Marsha’s yoga classes are something of a mind-altering and cleansing exercise that I’ve come to enjoy and look forward to. Kathleen E.

An extra bonus is that I’ve made some really good friends also!Pat Bonine

I signed up for yoga classes because I was new in the area and thought this might be a way to meet people and exercise at the same time. That was 10 yrs. ago and I’m still with Marsha at The Yoga Connection! Yoga has kept me flexible as I’ve aged, improved my sleep by teaching me how to slow my mind and relax, and improved my concentration level at work by teaching me how to focus. I love my yoga and have incorporated it into my daily routine. I don’t function very well when I’m inconsistent with it! The variety of classes at The Yoga Connection are always changing to keep up with the needs of the students and workshops are available for special interests.

Before coming to TYC, I had limited tools for relieving stress. Now I have the skills to calm myself down using restorative postures and breathing techniques. My flexibility and strength have improved dramatically as well! I started at age 13 and am now a college student! Aly Brown